February 2016 community update: The family we have sponsored has now arrived in Canada and settled into a townhouse we have rented for them in Saanich. Again, we express our gratitude for the support of this community in raising funds and extending a hand to help this family start a new life in Victoria.

November 5 community update: We are so excited and proud to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal for this family. We are grateful for all of the support our welcoming and generous community has shown this group, and if you would still like to contribute to local efforts to sponsor Syrian refugees, we encourage you to seek out the many other groups that have started that are beginning their fundraising now. We are expecting this family to arrive in Victoria sometime in the next few months.

Our community group is raising funds to sponsor a Syrian refugee family’s first year in Canada. The estimated cost for 1 year for a family of 6 living in Victoria, BC is over $50,000. It’s a big goal, but with the generosity and support of the people in our community, we have reached it!

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

The mother, father, and three young children have been sheltering in Turkey since August 2013, when they fled their home in Syria to seek refuge in the neighbouring country. The children’s grandmother has also recently joined them and we are hopeful that she can be added to the sponsorship file as well. Their situation in Turkey is precarious and they need a more permanent and stable environment, especially for the young children. Through Canada’s private sponsorship program, a group of community members working with the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia and the parish of St. Peter St. Paul is raising funds to sponsor this family to resettle in Victoria where they can live, learn, work and play in safety.